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My purpose in life is to encourage and help people. I will be sharing my struggles with you in hopes that you will take my advise to heart.

About Me

I will share about those who have come into my life and those who have left my life. All of which have had their fair sure of struggles too. Struggles in life are forceful or they can be an violent effort to get free of restraint or resist attack. Which means if you are doing something good, something bad seems to happen eventually. It is my hope that I will give you a new prospective when it comes to our life. I have had my fair share of attacks and so has my family.

My Family Life

I will discuss my struggles in life in hopes to inspire you along your journey. Sharing with you my journey as a daughter of a baker and a daughter with a mom who stayed home to raise her children. I hope to inspire you by sharing how I turned bad things into something good.


Don’t give up when it comes to your struggles in life, have faith and remain hopeful.

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Sharing Is Caring

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