Inside And Outside Is Like Sodom and Gomorrah


My beautiful soul mate, I hope this letter finds you all well, blessed and happy.

Its rainy and drizzly day here today. Yesterday, was 80* sunny, cray weather here. I do not care much for Southern California. Closest I ever desire to come this way again is Monterrey. I love it there.

Places We Could Check Out

I watched some silly show about mountain people locating and digging for ginseng. The show as I said is goofy but, the places they go to are beautiful! West Virginia, North Carolina, etc. These places are so beautiful. I refer to them as your forest. Just reminds me how little of our country I have seen. Motor home/trailer and property sounds better and better all the time.

Have you checked property from Grass Valley, Nevada City, Scott’s Flat lake area, up Highway 49 to almost Washington (the little town of)? Just wondering about property, I mean. I know houses are up and you’re in a lease. Just win the darn lotto and we will just buy in Folsom above Folsom Lake College. We can get a nice place up there for about $850,000 nice though.

It doesn’t really matter where we live as long as we are together! I just think the mobility of our home would be good for us both and property ownership provides stability but nothing urgent just pondering. Crazy thing is our housing market up North is going up and down here its going down must be because of all the crime down here! Shooting death and violent crime daily on the news. I can’t understand why people want to live down here! I could easily describe it as Sodom and Gomorrah, even that would only cover it lightly!

Okay, so, I get to hear your warm angelic voice tonight, it warms my heart. I’m being hopeful in that you received my letter about our business and I also hope you don’t think my idea is too crazy. I know it will/would work! I read an article in Inc. Magazine about a guy that makes $800,000 per year from two cellular accessory stores not even phones. We can sell both, just need a mobile franchise. Faith!

Time Off My Sentence

Still no notification on my end for a date change with the new GED college policy? I should gain 2 more months off but who knows? I haven’t  been notified yet.

Yeah, I heard your sweet voice Muah.

Funny how numbers have such meaning  our lives like 7 for us as others. So, Jesus cast demons into pigs, then, they ran into the river and drown and according to old law (old testament) swine/pigs are considered unclean. Well another strange fact I just learned the gestation period for wild pigs is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days – 333 exactly 1/2 of the number of the beast! Hmm

Since, we drink the blood and eat the body (flesh) of our Lord Jesus during communion and this symbolized our joining or becoming one with Jesus could the consumption of Pork be a trick by Satan to do the same? Symbolizing him poisoning us from the inside? He (satan) used this trick before with Adam and Eve in the garden.

Another strange pork fact Hawaii is called/referred to as paradise (like Eden). What has over taken the islands of paradise causing great destruction to their beauty on an alarming scale. Pigs are net native to Hawaii. They were brought by Spanish visitors when the islands were inhabited by the native people pigs (and travelers) became a very destructive and invasive species! So, now the pig in Hawaii represents ‘innocence lost” Hmm another Eden reference I know sounds silly but, Pork stays out of my diet just in case. I know I think too much and now we are in bad graces with Iran a reactionary nuclear capable angry group of Middle Eastern Christian hating Arabs not good (also known as Persians).

Tiny Home

So our tiny home should be built of cement re bar and block with steel doors. Maybe Austin is right about Nevada, the world is going crazy! I just want my family, freedom and seclusion! Motor home property etc.


I hope your court stuff goes well wish I was there to help. Could you imagine how productive you would be if while you were working. I was rubbing our back, shoulders, arms, etc. Kiss your neck and cute little cheeks. Should be much better working conditions.


Monday May 6, 2019 no school today, darn it! Cool, cloudy and some drizzle today. Also, some inspection today was supposed to be a surprise but, they (Admin) knew so it’s a dog and pony show. All of sudden they are working on our hot water, flyers put up about TV fixes etc. Delivery truck from the lowers came up to our kitchen what a crock! Liars!! all of their pants are gonna catch fire.

Awaiting A Date

I sure can’t wait to have and exercise the privilege of worship with my gift from God, my soul mate, my best friend, my earth angel. How honor am I to receive such blessing from the creator of all things! Thank you Jesus for such a miracle.

I’m sure you have not setup my email yet. I know how busy you are my love. The only reason I mention it is I think I have a better email address…..also the first seal in revelation I dunno just a though. May name has popped up often over the last couple of weeks? Kinda strange you should have receive the letter I sent last week by now? Probably checking my letters again?

No matter, nothing juicy for them anyhow here they should just move me closer to home. On a non-adverse transfer and get me out of their hair. or even better let me out! Since, I did not do the garbage lies I was convicted of through trickery and deceit and lawlessness! Send me home, reverse my conviction and give us some new start money you , California, C.D.C.R. etc. will never hear from the … again. well my love guess I will scoot for now. I love, miss, appreciate, adore and desire you very much!! please give my love to mom and the kids. forever yours,  it’s still your turn for the tattoo. Muah 777



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