Day Finally Approaching

day finally approaching
day finally apprroaching
Day finally approaching to meet the high risk girls

Day Finally Approaching – To Bake or Not to Bake

The day finally approaching is when I would meet with a lady, who works directly with girls coming out of juvenile hall and who are placed in group homes. When I arrived for our meeting, we sat and spoke about why she is doing what she is doing and how I may be able to help her by doing what I used to do.

She escorted me around to see the amenities in and around the property. There was a kitchen in place, but, it was rather small. I thought we can make it work. but, I will need to figure out how.


As we sat down to speak near the front door, there were women pulling up in their cars to volunteer for a fashion show that will be taking place in the juvenile hall. I recognized someone who walked through the door, we were both surprised to see each other there. 

This particular organization helps restore lost dreams and over a course of several months will help inspire a sense of value and purpose for these girls.

My Mind

What do I do because, the day was finally approaching, what am I supposed to do….want to do…what do I feel like I should do?

As I was preparing for my first upcoming event with these girls. I thought I should…even though I am being prompted to… He was prompting me to… yet, I pushed back. I told my self its going to be all about spending time with these girls versus showing them how to make, bake and decorate.  

High Risk Girls

The girls that I was going to be spending time with for the first time are considered “high-risk” for abuse, sexual exploitation and sex-trafficking.  

Approaching the day of the event…I had to verify that I had all the baking and decorating supplies that would be required to carry out this hands on event.What If…thinking about, what ‘if’ (which caused me to start rethinking) making everything on site at the facility. 

Follow Up Phone Call

The day was finally approaching. I phoned to get a final head count and to see how much time we had to make, bake and decorate. She gave a window of 1 ½ hours if needed and around ten children.

Panic Time

I took it upon myself to tell the event coordinator that I would bring the cookies baked instead for the children to decorate. So,  I moved forward with making the cookie dough. 

Day finally approaching I decided I would bring the cookies baked and ready to decorate.  

Time Savers

As I started mixing these ingredients, I thought, about how much time I was putting in, in advance.  Then, when the cookies were in the oven , they spread out from the cutout shape.  So, I had to think fast. I used the cookie cutter again (when the cookies were still warm), which left a frame around each cookie.  When the cookies cooled, I popped the inner cookie out.

With the day finally approaching, I decided I would prep the icing without using the wet ingredients. Then I changed my mind and thought what if the icing does not turn out,? I would need time to run to the store to purchase more ingredients.  I made the icing anyway

The Day Arrived

Finally, it was 8:30 am the time I leave for my bible study. I decided to check my e-mail to see an email from the event coordinator.  

Good morning,  I’m saddened to say I received a call from the group-home staff that they had a crisis last night and have to cancel today. I’m frustrated that it’s such short notice. We’ve had very few cancellations in the past.

This incident seemed rather odd so I’m a little worried, but, so sorry to do this to you with such short notice.

Investing Time

I know you’ve invested time and supplies and blocked this time month’s out. If there’s any chance we could reschedule not too far off in the near future, that would be great.

When you have time to just sit and talk I’d love to have coffee and hear your heart for ministry, I’m sorry and bummed.

Due Diligence

After this email, I thought…but….I just did all this work…what am I to do with all these baked cookies and icing. I responded to her rather quickly with… if things change I am open to do something another time. I’m heading to my bible study I will be in touch soon!

Remaining Hopeful

I went to my bible study, when I arrived I spoke with one of the ladies who works in the children’s ministry. I sought her out for ideas after all, I needed a back up plan and I did not want the cookies to go to waste.  

The ladies from the bible study said just freeze everything. I paused and thought I should wait to see if maybe I am being impatient and reacting to quickly. Then, a thought crossed my mind. My daughter would like the opportunity to decorate the cookies.  We decorated the cookies together and put each of them into a package for her classmates to enjoy.


The lesson I learned was to not alter what God prompted me to do! Did you notice all the ‘I’ statements versus the ‘Him’ statements?

Sharing Is Caring

Greeting New Acquaintances With Opportunities


Greetings New Acquaintances

Greeting new acquaintances with opportunities to learn! I would like to welcome each and everyone one of you to my personal blog. It is my goal to always be In Pursuit To Breakthrough in all adversity. I really hope my writings will give you a new prospective when it comes to oneself. My storytelling will reflect that I am not perfect and I will go back in time but, not too far back.

Family Life

bakery class room
bakery class room for greeting new acquaintances with opportunities to learn

My new acquaintances I will walk you through my life as the baker’s daughter and educate you along the way. My life had so many variations as to what normalcy was, as I am sure it is within your family unit. I was brought up in a family that never divorced, my parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents, stuck it out and some remain married to this day. My family life has had some pretty horrific and challenging times. I know the meaning of a dysfunctional family all to well. When I was a teenager the only normalcy I found was being with my grandma, but, that had its challenges too. It is my hope to inspire you through my personal life experiences.  

Lessons Learned

Before we can get to where we need to be we must learn what it takes to get there. So, I ask you, who are you and what are you called to do? I am here to share with you my youth, home life, social life and married life.  The life I was leading before, during and after marriage was full of so much pain. I will share with you what worked and what didn’t work.

Its your choice when it comes to your life. My new acquaintances where are you headed? Are you being led? Is it the right course for the time being? Are you doing what you need to, to get you to where you need to go? We’re all going to look back someday and wished we didn’t have to walk in the wilderness for 40 years. After turning 50 I realized that is what needed to take place for me to be where I am now. When we forgive others you are no longer a prisoner. With confidence I can say I am free to all my new acquaintances.

I look forward to hearing back from you when it comes to your life and the breakthrough you have experienced. I’m grateful you found me here or should I say I’m thankful you stumbled across my blog. I hope all my new acquaintances will hang around for some time to learn more about me and why I finally surrendered to what I have been fighting my entire life.

Sharing Is Caring

Insecurity Equals Prison


What is Insecurity? Insecurity equals Prison. Webster’s dictionary defines insecurity as: not confident or sure, uncertain, not adequately guarded or sustained, not firmly fastened or fixed. This definition reveals a great deal about this behavior. What is it that people do when they lack self confidence? They are untrusting, not sure, uncertain, or doubtful, they remain cautious and hold back.

What if theses people don’t feel protected? They will attack you immediately.

Insecurity is a personal prison we allow to grow up around us, isolating us from healthy relationships.

Stop believing the lie that we are alone.

These invisible bars can be cast from many things: things from our past failures, our addictions, verbal, emotional or physical abuse, fear and pride.

On the outside we may look normal, we even smile as we act the part, try to fit in but, inside we are feeling worried, timid and even frightful that at any moment someone might see behind the mask we are wearing.


What is insecurity? Simply put, insecurity is bondage. Bondage is any thought or action that limits our freedom to think and do things. Struggling with bondage to insecurity often displays a pattern,  no real sense of identity, which makes it easy to believe lies. The lies leading to an unrealistic fear of what other people think.

Insecurity Equals Prison
John 10:10


Our Relationships

Oftentimes, we let insecurity ruin the most sacred relationships in our lives, let it keep us from loving freely, from accomplishing our dreams, from the amazing life God designed for us. He says in his word that He has come that we may have life and have it abundantly. (John 10:10) Living in insecurity is not the life He chose for you.

Jesus did not bleed and suffer so you would be in fear of what other people may think.

Christ did not die on the cross to keep you from your full potential.

God might be calling you to do something right now!

You do not have to live in the suffocating air of insecurity any longer. In Ephesians, Paul writes that if we are followers of Christ, we have the same power within us that raised Christ from the dead. If that is true, why aren’t we living our life as if that power resides within us?

Make a commitment to be honest with yourself, dig deep into those forgotten places of your heart. Open yourself to the possibility of freedom, you will find it.

Sharing Is Caring