Escaping From What I Kept Locked Up

As a child we dream, we are creative, we trust others easily and yet we know when something bad happens to us we bury it as if it didn’t happen.

As a young child I was always conjuring up ideas on how to change my world.

I dreamed about escaping to the Netherlands, I loved Peter Pan.

I dreamed of having a tree house, you know a place we could call our own.  

I loved nature so much I would flee to our small little forest in Shingle Springs, CA all to escape my responsibilities. 

I’ve progressed quite a bit since then, I’m now formulating my life experiences via this blog but, with more real life complex stories and sharing them in hopes with a much larger audience.

As a passionate caretaker, I’m adept at using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to create blog posts which entertain and engage my audience (hopefully).

I kept it locked upKept it locked up

It was around age 7 when I would play outside with all the neighborhood kids. Nothing odd or strange about that, I played with these kids in our neighborhood all the time. So, what would make it any different then, any other time? 

Till one particular day when I followed a bunch of friends into a parked vehicle.  This vehicle was parked a couple of doors down from our home. 

Sometime had passed when I heard my mom calling my name. But, I couldn’t answer nor, could I come to her.  My mom’s voice became more frantic.  But, I still couldn’t answer or come. Eventually, when I was able to return home.  I got into a lot of trouble, for not coming when I was called. 

I was so young.  I didn’t know what to do or to say except to pay the consequences for not coming when called.  How would I or could I tell them what happened.  So, I kept it locked up inside.  Or so, I thought.  


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