Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

My beautiful soul mate, 

I hope this letter finds you all well, blessed and full of His spirit! It’s a warm sunny day here in California 6,000 miles away from my family. It really is nice outside.

I got my haircut today. I was going to cut the top and bangs in case you visit soon but, I left it. The bangs are kinda long but, combed back they haven’t been this long for aw a while.  

So, I have an idea I want you to really consider. I think you should open a wireless store. I know just read on please. So those small companies have been absorbed by a large carrier I think T-mobile not sure but either way that provides a stable market. As a female business owner you could have resources others don’t the income is based on activation rate. Not much of the equipment although accessories are almost all profit. A viable example would be 100 activation’s in December earned a store owner a $20,000 bonus!

With you at the helm it could be great but, you would need the kits to help also! A good family business! I know the income is there and your ability to network with will extract it! Our son could program phones, help with sales and eventually do repairs! Our daughter could also work in the store. I have put a lot of thought into this check it out and think about it! I suggest a store someplace between Folsom and Placerville depending on market saturation and product coverage (can’t sell a phone that doesn’t work in that area. I really believe you all can succeed! Step out in faith!

Consider it pre-retirement. Okay, then when I come home we use the capital of one store to open a second. After about 18 months or so when our activation’s are high and steady for 12 months (this is the formula used to evaluate net worth). We sell that at 3-5 times what we have into them and move to ____? With $800,000 – $1,000,000 in hand!  I know this could work so, please poke around and think about it. Self employment must be our goal. We can even keep this type of business within the believers community for the most part.

Even, at a busy pace we can staff it ourselves (no payroll, taxes, workers comp, etc.) you decorate the store great in my dream. Also gives us the time, resources for our ministry!! If Austin likes it later we could take a coding class together to create our own apps.

I have another million dollar idea. So almost daily I see or hear about another lost child, senior, Alzheimer, patient etc. lost?? Especially those with Dementia. I want to design and patent a (______) to help. I know the _____ product have the market but, the problem with those products is you must have them _____. You must have the where with all to push a button and most importantly you cannot ______the ____ . 

Again, I know I think too much. I do however see cell phones sales in our future. I know you think I’m crazy sometimes but, I believe in you, us and our abilities.  Okay, I am done for now.

I got my R.M.A. lunch today and our new kitchen manager cut us back to one slice of cheese(?) Said he does not care about our per meal calorie count! He will do what he wants to meet his budget! Crazy huh? Two slices of bread one slice of cheese. At every other prison I have been at has given four slices of bread and three slices of cheese! The kitchen officer said he dares someone to 602 (report)!

I so need to get out of this place at least I get to hear your angelic sweet voice tonight! Keeps me focused. Well baby, I love, miss, appreciate, adore and desire you bunches!! Please give my love and greetings to mom, Austin and Maddie. xoxoxoxo Muah x777, Amor Totis Viribus 2019May01

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